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March 14, 2019

An open letter to the cardiology community,

Like many of you, we are looking forward to ACC.19 this weekend to learn about the latest research and advances in cardiovascular care. Cardiovascular medicine has seen remarkable progress over the past several decades. That is certainly true in the management of LDL cholesterol (LDL-C). Statins have become the standard of care, and recent discoveries have shown promise in helping patients achieve target cholesterol levels.

Despite scientific advances, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) remains pervasive and the leading cause of cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality. About a third of American adults have high levels of LDL-C, one of the primary causal risk factors for the development of ASCVD. The failure by many to seek treatment or make lifestyle changes, challenges with co-morbidities, and non-adherence to current therapies are among the impediments to progress with this disease. Every year, these challenges contribute to many preventable deaths.

The Medicines Company is focused on research in this area and we look forward to sharing updates later this year. As we continue our development efforts, your input and expertise are invaluable to us. Whether you provide clinical care at the bedside or pursue innovation at the bench, your efforts are essential to helping people lead longer, healthier lives. We want to hear your experiences, concerns and challenges in helping ASCVD patients manage their disease and LDL-C levels.

We share your passion for improving heart health, and look forward to hearing from you during ACC.19 and in the months ahead.

Respectfully yours,

Mark Timney
CEO, The Medicines Company

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